A green lawn that we fertilize, treat for weeds, and maintain on a regular basis.

Fertilization & Weed Control Service in Vancouver, Camas, & Washougal, WA

Our six-step lawn care program includes fertilization and weed control applications that your grass needs to thrive.

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Fertilization and weed control service for properties in Vancouver, WA, and the nearby communities.

We apply a hybrid of organic and chemical applications to your lawn to fortify it and help it become as strong as possible.

At EnviroPro Land, we have devised a six-step lawn care program that nourishes your grass throughout the year. This program includes a hybrid of both organic and chemical applications of granular fertilizer and pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments. Our owner has worked with golf course turf management since the 1990s and has the knowledge to create a beautiful quality lawn for you.

These lawn care applications work to strengthen your lawn so it can better fight off threats such as lawn disease and insect infestations. Our fertilization and weed control services are provided to residential and commercial properties in Vancouver, Washougal, Camas, and the nearby cities in Washington.

Why Your Lawn Needs Routine Fertilizer Treatments

Close up photo of fertilizer in the grass.

Have you ever looked around at thick, lush lawns and wondered why your lawn didn't have those same qualities? More than likely, it is because your lawn needs routine fertilizer treatments in order to reach optimal conditions. When your grass is healthy, it is more likely to fend off lawn insects such as grubs or lawn diseases. Without fertilizer and the nutrients it contains, your grass will suffer and be more susceptible to weeds, diseases, and insects like grubs.

By applying fertilizer at different times of the year, we are able to balance the nutrients in your soil and ensure your grass gets everything it needs during the growing season. We use granular treatments of fertilizer in your lawn.

Common Types of Weeds Include Clover, Crabgrass, & More

Clover weeds taking over a lawn in Washougal, WA.

Keeping weeds out of your lawn is also paramount to its health. Weeds grow much more rapidly than grass, which means they take up all of the nutrients in your soil before your grass can absorb them. In turn, this weakens the grass and allows the weeds to completely take over your lawn, choking the grass out before it has a chance to grow.

Common weeds in our area of Washington include:

  • Crabgrass
  • Clover
  • Dandelion
  • Bittercress
  • Plantain
  • Chickweed
  • And other broadleafs

We treat for weeds using both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control applications.

Pre-emergent treatments are applied in early spring in order to target weeds before they begin germinating. After that, it is important to continue applying post-emergent weed control treatments in spots where weeds may spring up. Broadleaf weeds, especially crabgrass, require persistent treatments in order to eliminate them from your lawn.

Do you want a beautiful, healthy lawn at your residential or commercial property? Contact our company today.

At EnviroPro Land, our lawn care experts can help you get the beautiful, healthy lawn you have always wanted. We apply routine fertilizer and weed control treatments six times a year at residential and commercial properties in Camas, Vancouver, Washougal, and the surrounding areas of Washington.

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